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What Employers Need to Know About Form W-2

completing a Form W-2

As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to complete and submit a Form W-2 for each employee.

As a small business employer, you are responsible for distributing IRS Form W-2 in the new year so your employees can begin to file their federal and state taxes. Unfortunately, Form W-2 can be quite confusing. Luckily, we have a guide below that should answer the common Form W-2 questions that may occur to you as you prepare your forms. 

What is IRS Form W-2? 

Form W-2 shows an employee’s gross wages from the year, and the taxes withheld. You must send the W-2 Wage and Tax Statement to each employee, as well as to the Social Security Administration. You must also submit a Form W-3, which is a summary of all W-2s, to the SSA. 

Who Receives Form W-2?

You must create a W-2 for each paid employee from the year, even if they no longer work for you. Do not give a Form W-2 to independent contractors. Instead, you must send contractors Form 1099.

What is Included on Form W-2?

The form typically includes this information: 

  • Employee’s Social Security number
  • Employee’s personal information
  • Your business’s information and your Employer Identification Number
  • Wages, tips, and other compensation
  • Taxes withheld

Where Can You Get W-2 Forms?

You can typically purchase W-2 forms from the IRS or a local office supply store. You can view a sample of the form on the IRS website, but you cannot use the example. 

Where Do You Send the Forms? 

In addition to sending each Form W-2 to your employees and the SSA, the form has many copies that need to be distributed to specific places. The copies are as listed: 

  • Copy A: Mail or e-file to the SSA with Form W-3
  • Copy B: Send to employees for their federal tax returns
  • Copy C: Send to employees for their records
  • Copy D: Keep this copy for your business records. 
  • Copy 1: If you are required to do so, file this with the state, city, or local tax department.
  • Copy 2: This is sent to the employee to file this copy, if required, with their state, city, or local tax department. 

When is Form W-2 Due? 

You must send W-2s to employees by January 31st. You must also submit your W-2 and W-3 to the SSA by the same date. If January 31st falls on a holiday or a weekend, Form W-2 is due on the following business day. 

Avoid These Common Errors

When filling out your forms, make sure you haven’t committed any of these common mistakes: 

  • Using an outdated form
  • Sending Form W-2 to IRS instead of SSA
  • Filing the form late
  • Submitting a handwritten W-2
  • Formatting mistakes
  • Using the IRS sample
  • Cutting, stapling, or folding Form W-2
  • Using dollar signs
  • Not using decimals for dollar amounts

If you have made a mistake, you can use Form W-2c to make corrections. 

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