Tax Planning + Preparation

Tax Planning and PreparationA critical service we provide for our clients at The Harding Group is to stay ahead of the complex, ever changing tax laws. With The Harding Group in your corner, you’ll have the support of an accountant dedicated to keeping abreast of new tax law and understanding how to apply that knowledge in a way that helps you.

As part of our ongoing relationship, you can turn to us for proactive tax advice. We do more than simply keep your small business compliant. We look creatively at the unique aspects of your business and work to find ways to minimize your taxes, but more importantly, keep more money in your pocket.

Preparing your own tax returns, either as an individual or a small business, can be a costly mistake. At the very least, you’re certain to miss out on opportunities for deductions that only an experienced accountant will know to look for. At worst, you could make mistakes that put you out of compliance and lead to penalties.

We’re happy to provide a free consultation to review your previous years’ tax returns and give you an accurate estimate for your tax preparation.