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harding group small business tax support in Odenton

Call The Harding Group for the best small business tax support in Odenton.

Small Business Tax Support in Odenton

Are you a business owner in Odenton, Maryland? Odenton is a fine place to own a business due to its central location between Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Odenton and Anne Arundel County residents enjoy family-oriented suburban towns and easy access to exciting city life and activities. If you are ready to launch your Odenton business or maintain a new endeavor, you must partner with skilled accountants. The Harding Group was created to provide essential small business tax support in Odenton. Our experienced CPAs and bookkeepers are prepared to help your business thrive with dedicated support and care. Contact The Harding Group today to schedule your free consultation with our accounting experts. 

Why Small Business Owners Choose The Harding Group

Because of our unmatched dedication, small business owners in Maryland choose The Harding Group as their partner of choice. Our organization was founded in 1995 to provide small businesses with superior, individualized accounting services. We do all of our work in-house and strongly resist the outsourcing trend. We appoint a committed staff member who will take the time to get to know your company and its tax-related challenges and provide the finest small business tax support in Odenton. 

Skilled Accountants

The Harding Group employs highly qualified individuals with a range of expertise and backgrounds who are well-suited to assist small businesses. Bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, and Partners make up our personnel. The Partners hold master’s degrees and are certified public accountants. Many employees have also earned their accreditation as QuickBooks Pros. 

A Team That Stays Updated on New Tax Laws

Every day, new laws are introduced that might impact your small business. The Harding Group’s accountants stay abreast of the latest modifications to the tax legislation and look for the best ways to incorporate them into your small business tax strategy. We examine the potential effects of recent tax laws on your returns and search for ways to take advantage of them to retain more money for your business. When you employ our proactive tax preparation services, you can expect outstanding results every year. 

We Perform Consistent Quality Checks

We implement consistent operating standards, such as frequent personnel training and CPA monitoring, to guarantee the correctness of our work. When it comes to helping with tax preparation, we follow strict guidelines to ensure that all income and expenses are correctly recorded and that all possible credits and deductions are considered.

If errors are made in tax preparation that cannot be fixed, The Harding Group will cover any penalties and interest. To learn more about certain restrictions, please consult your engagement agreement.  

Begin Your Partnership with The Harding Group 

The Harding Group is the greatest resource for small business tax support in Odenton. Our website provides a range of online guides for tax filing and company registration. 

Start Your Small Business in Odenton

Starting a new business may be difficult. The Harding Group makes it easy to obtain the recommendations and guidance needed for any firm to succeed. You can discover a helpful guide and checklist on our website to get you going. These first steps consist of:

  • Determining what your business entity is
  • Discovering whether your business name is available
  • Establishing the business entity 
  • Obtaining an employee ID number 
  • Opening a new business bank account 

These lessons will help you finish the initial processes required to form a business in Odenton and get ready to abide by all tax and revenue regulations. 

Prepare and Manage Your Taxes

We also provide Odenton, Maryland company owners with tax-related advice. You can click this link to read our in-depth guide, which includes crucial information about: 

  • Due Dates and Extensions
  • Penalties and Interest
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments

If you want any clarity on the tax requirements for your firm, these resources can be helpful. When it comes to skilled small business tax support in Odenton, the Harding Group is the most reliable resource. 

Trust The Harding Group for Small Business Tax Prep in Odenton 

The Harding Group is prepared to provide small businesses in Odenton with comprehensive tax support. We provide tax guidance to help you avoid costly mistakes since we are dedicated to the financial success of your business. Because of our extensive accounting expertise, we can help you stay in compliance, find potential tax savings, and boost your company’s profitability. 

Schedule a Tax Review

Schedule a session with The Harding Group to discuss your return and prepare for the next one. We can give you a general idea of what to expect as we help you prepare for tax season. 

Submit Late Taxes

We can also help you with the late filing of your taxes. We understand that running a business might lead to you missing crucial deadlines. The Harding Group can assist you if you are having trouble meeting your tax deadlines. Small companies want to avoid paying late fees required for late taxes. 

We will analyze your tax return to reduce the detrimental financial effects of submitting taxes beyond the deadline. In the future, we will assist you in making timely tax payments so you can focus on growing your Odenton business.

Monthly Accounting Tasks with The Harding Group

Are you ready to collaborate with The Harding Group? Our CPAs and bookkeepers work with our clients to ensure our experts are informed about your business and its unique features. After that, we collaborate with the client to determine which monthly tasks must be accomplished. Following a thorough explanation of the responsibilities, we will provide you with a set monthly payment. Depending on the specifics of the contract, different fees apply. 

Payroll Assistance and Bookkeeping in Odenton 

Many CPA firms choose not to provide payroll or accounting services to their clients. This is not the case for The Harding Group. To fulfill the accounting requirements of your small business, The Harding Group offers essential payroll and bookkeeping services.

Complete Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeepers in Odenton have the expertise and meticulous attention to detail required to keep your business operating efficiently. The following services are included in our Basic Bookkeeping Package: 

  • The work of a dedicated bookkeeping professional
  • Entering bank and credit card transactions
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts and credit cards 

The Advanced Bookkeeping Package also includes reporting and submitting sales tax and tracking and paying bills. 

Manage Business Payroll

Payroll is among the most crucial aspects of running a business. The Harding Group offers Basic and Advanced Service Packages, including full payroll services. The Basic Package consists of the following tasks: 

  • Payroll tax deposits and filing payroll taxes
  • Complete payroll services, including new employee set-ups and data entry
  • The partnership of a dedicated payroll professional 

Improve Your QuickBooks Skills with The Harding Group

Owners of small businesses should familiarize themselves with QuickBooks accounting software. Small businesses frequently use this software because of its numerous potential advantages. The Harding Group offers assistance to help you become more proficient with QuickBooks. To help you use the software and improve your abilities, the following services are provided: 

  • Set-Up
  • Training
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Clean-Up Assistance

With these readily available resources, you can set yourself up for financial success. For further information about our tailored small business tax support in Odenton, Maryland, contact The Harding Group.


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Contact The Harding Group for Small Business Tax Support in Odenton, MD

If you’re ready to improve your business practices, working with QuickBooks is a great place to start. The experienced professionals at The Harding Group can provide set up, training, and clean up QuickBook services for our clients. You can get started today with a one-one-one training session. 

We gladly serve clients in Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, Severna Park, and Columbia. Contact us online or give us a call at (410) 573-9991 for your free consultation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for more business tips.